Veloce Driving – Sims is a branch of Veloce Driving ltd and a British Racing Simulator business, founded by Racing Drivers and High Performance Driver Coaches.

You want to be faster and more consistent, you want to win?

Without the right preparation and help, it is not your fault if the results are not quite what you want. However, with proper structured coaching you can unlock your potential and get your driving to where you want it to be. There is no magic bullet or quick fix, but building solid foundations of technique and thinking will make you faster, and ahead of the opposition. We have teamed up with top BTCC and British GT Team, Speedworks Motorsport to offer bespoke, structured coaching and development programs for track drivers and racing drivers. Whatever your track driving ambitions or goals, be it track days, club racing or being a pro; a professional simulator combined with expert coaching will allow you to unlock your potential as a driver. It is cost effective and efficient as well as being flexible.

The company is built on the ethos of producing the highest quality products, with a professional personable service.

What we demand from a simulator is for it to be as close to the real thing as current technology allows BUT at a realistic cost without feeling unattainable.

For racing drivers, feel is vital; it is one of the fundamental foundations of driving well. We use our simulators to coach our racing driver clients away from the track, so having the right components is extremely important. For people new to simulators, having the right equipment from the start will make it more enjoyable as it does for serious gamers.


We wanted to create a range of complete, turnkey simulators that reflect what we use professionally and share that with everyone, whatever your background or start point. All of our simulators have direct drive steering, hydraulic brakes and Buttkickers, to get as close to the feel of a real car as possible. We add to that powerful, dedicated gaming PCs and the latest gaining monitor technology to create affordable, state of the art, future proof professional grade simulators.

Choose from a comprehensive list of components to suit your needs and your budget.

Choose from a comprehensive list of components to suit your needs and your budget.

We are the sole importer of Drive Game Seat Chassis and work exclusively with Chillblast PCs – the UK’s most award PC manufacturer. We can also offer various different components including Simucube, OBP, SimTag and Ascher products. Have a browse around our site. If you need more information do not hesitate to get in touch – we’re happy to help.

Please note – Owing to the lead times of components, build and delivery times can be up to 12 weeks from order. We work hard to minimise wait times and will keep you fully updated regularly on the progress of your order. Orders must be paid for in full before build commences, finance is available.



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